ArrayComm develops superior baseband processing software for wireless radios. Our Physical Layer 1 (PHY) software products are designed to integrate easily into wireless base stations and client devices in LTE, LTE-A, and other wireless protocols. ArrayComm has pioneered many advanced baseband techniques (MIMO, beamforming, interference cancelation, etc.) and is ready to help rapidly advance your development — and performance — using our commercial software. Our products are offered in two families:

  • BasePort™ complete PHY solutions
  • A-MAS™ advanced multi-antenna signal processing software modules

ArrayComm delivers significant advantages:

  • Higher Performance — Multi-antenna signal processing techniques are integral to every PHY implementation. ArrayComm software provides the industry’s highest gains from MAS processing — not only because we use all the available sources of MAS gains (diversity, combining, interference mitigation, and spatial multiplexing), but because we use them all more effectively and efficiently, leveraging our unmatched experience with successful implementation of these techniques in real-world, commercial systems.
  • Faster Time to Market — We are the industry leader in MAS technology, and are already commercial with a variety of performance enhancing products.
  • Lower Development Cost — By tapping our expert team as an extension of yours, you can lower development costs and your team can focus on providing product differentiation. Our research and development capabilities are matched by a proven track record of integrating seamlessly into our customers’ development projects, providing on-time deliverables with minimal oversight.
  • Lower Risk — Your development program will sail much more smoothly through the field prove-in stages by tapping our extensive commercial field experience.
  • Built-in Product Roadmap — We have a track record of continuous advances in the sophistication and performance of our baseband software, and our team is working hard to continue that tradition. Whatever your protocol, we will provide you a series of software upgrades — leveraging field feedback from your products at work in commercial networks — that will enable further enhancements to your products’ performance.

Follow the product links above to see how our software fits into both client devices and infrastructure equipment in all of the industry’s key going-forward air interfaces. Browse our Technology section to learn more about the underlying principles of ArrayComm software in theory and in real-world operation.