Complete Baseband Processing Solutions

With over a decade of commercial experience, ArrayComm has a proven track record of bringing complete base station products and systems to the market on a variety of air interfaces. This unique combination of expertise and experience provides the foundation for our BasePort™ line of complete 4G PHY products.

BasePort products deliver all of the baseband PHY processing software needed for implementation on a target hardware platform, integrated seamlessly with MAC software for superior performance. ArrayComm’s commercial experience working with all industry-standard platforms ensures a smooth integration process.

Development teams are being asked to do more with less. At the same time, investment in new platforms is needed for small pico- and femtocell solutions that can maximize the capacity and revenue potential for 4G wireless broadband networks. ArrayComm’s ability to deliver fully tested, commercial-ready BasePort PHY products for all tiers of LTE and LTE-A base stations enables equipment suppliers to keep pace with the breadth of market demands with high-performance products by maximizing the productivity of internal development teams.


BasePort — A Scalable PHY Software Package for Traditional Multi-Core-DSP Base Station Platforms

  • Full commercial capability delivered in a PHY module fully tested for OEM-specified Layer 1/2 integrated packages
  • Implementable on all major DSP platforms
  • Scalable to 8 antennas, 20 MHz BW, 4 MIMO layers, multiple sectors, etc.
  • Comprehensive OEM custom  integration and support services through OTA interoperability testing
  • Enables A-MAS™ — ArrayComm Multi-Antenna Signal Processing

PHY Platform with BasePort

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