Martin Cooper with the DynaTAC2

A pioneer in the wireless communications industry, Martin (“Marty”) Cooper conceived the first portable cellular phone in 1973 and led the 10-year process of bringing it to market.

During 29 years with Motorola, Marty built and managed both its paging and cellular businesses and served as Corporate Director of Research and Development. Products he introduced have had cumulative sales volume of more than $80 billion.

Upon leaving Motorola, Marty co-founded Cellular Business Systems, Inc. (CBSI), and helped lead it to dominate the cellular billing industry with a 75 percent market share before it was sold to Cincinnati Bell. He has been granted eight patents in the communications field and has been widely published.

In 1992 Marty founded ArrayComm. Under his leadership, the company grew from a seed-funded startup in San Jose, California, into the world leader in smart antenna technology with 400 patents issued or pending worldwide.

Marty received the American Computer Museum’s George R. Stibitz Computer and Communications Pioneer Award in 2002, and he was an inaugural member of RCR’s Wireless Hall of Fame. Red Herring magazine named him one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2000, and Wireless Systems Design gave him the 2002 Industry Leader award. He holds a BS and an MS in electrical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Marty is also the originator of Cooper’s Law, which predicts the improvement over time of spectrum capacity in cellular networks. Click here to read more about Marty’s thinking on this topic.


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