ArrayComm, LLC., headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota with an R&D center in Chengdu, China, was founded in 1992. The company has become the world leader in physical layer software (PHY) and multi-antenna signal processing (MAS) for 4G (LTE/LTE-A, Cat-M and NB-IoT) and 5G wireless communication systems. ArrayComm BasePortTM 4G/5G PHY has high performance and efficiency, as well as reliability. Together with ArrayComm’s rich experiences providing system integration and validation to services to customers, ArrayComm’s BasePortTM PHY, the ArrayComm A-MASTM software provides excellent performance enhancements with advanced algorithms using multiple antennas.

Today, ArrayComm BasePortTM PHY software is deployed in the USA, Japan, China, Vietnam, Africa and the Middle East. Besides enhancing the base station’s capacity, coverage and reliability, the A-MASTM software also offers system improvement when embedded in handsets and other client devices. ArrayComm’s software is licensed to numerous companies including Fujitsu, NEC, Hitachi and Motorola.

In 2005 ArrayComm became a subsidiary of  Ygomi LLC.  Since 1969, the Ygomi companies have created innovative information technology solutions that have helped define new industries. One of the Ygomi companies was a partner with Cooper and Harris in the founding of CBSI.